Prada Replica Handbags

replica prada in 1978 years ago to operate mainly leather goods and imported goods. Since 1978, Miuccia Bianchi Prada brand founder Mario Prada's granddaughter, who received his Ph.D. in political science, and was active in politics. The late seventies and early eighties turned apparel design, inherit and carry forward the legacy of his grandfather Prada style make this brand to become the world's hottest known trademarks.??Prada in recent years around the world, especially in Asia a very popular replica prada brand. Her history than people think old, dating back to 1913 at the beginning of this century. Prada is a franchise was imported leather goods retail stores, founder Mario Prada and Brother (Mario Prada Brothers) visited Europe, purchase beautiful replica prada bags, jewelry and clothing for the upper class and other social enjoyment. These products have been Mario Prada carefully selected to form a Prada style concept, the late seventies to Houpulada granddaughter Miuccia outstanding efforts to make the brand popular today.

"Devil wears Prada" does give the brand Prada add a lot of charm, but now the market too Prada imitation goods, in this five point list for consumers to verify the authenticity. A nylon genuine Prada nylon is made ??of parachute material, this material heat, thick, stiff, there is toughness, the material surface shininess small and can be seen under a magnifying glass twill. The replica prada made using ordinary chemical fiber, thin or too light, no texture, feel bad too hard or too thick, its surface smooth or very or extremely dim, and the dots can be seen under a magnifying glass pattern. Second, the use of genuine Prada leather cowhide, sheepskin or deerskin, crocodile leather manufacturing, all have significant striae cortex and a unique leather smell. Replica Prada leather hard, and striae less. Third, the position of the metal triangle logo Logo genuine Prada triangle in the middle of the package, the sides from the bus line and the triangle logo are all that. And the triangle logo on the font is handmade, there is concavity. Central fake Prada metal logo position is not necessarily in the package, and the car line is very rough, uneven stitch. Fourth, the zipper metal zipper genuine Prada heavier weight, fake Prada zipper is very light. V. strap genuine Prada nylon strap is flexible, easy pilling nylon surface, and there twill strap. Fake Prada strap is very thin, no flexibility, and no denim strap.

Here then are some tips to identify the authenticity Prada:

1. New genuine leather must have a special taste, this taste for the Prada leather special leather preservative solution, simply can not imitate, because this medicine is too costly, but the taste can be heard to counter. 2. Prada counter no flow factory ship or parallel imports. Prada CEO asked to do their own products Made in Prada, do not allow the brand's services and access any mistakes, so there is no ship factory flow problems. How many replica prada products do have points to close Prada system, and the remaining outlets must first quarter orders, has decided to make the amount of orders. 3. Most basic models black bag sturdy nylon material. Bristol faces the replica prada nylon pad several layers will be inside, feels not feel thin. 4 hand bag on the detection of metal Logo, fonts are a little shallow outstanding. Behind the metal part 5. Prada zipper head printed with Lampo is the latest security signs, which have a number of Lampo traditional characters below, it is probably from around 2002 began.